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Our bestselling Holland sofa makes an appearance in a highly textured poly blend.  A perfectly updated play on mid century themes, this sofa looks good in everything from craftsman homes to sleek minimalist interiors.

Amazingly, this is the same exact frame as the one before.  The differences are we made it a three seater instead of two, we welted the seams, and we blind tufted the seat and back.  Little changes added up, and this is another gorgeous full custom frame.

Our bestselling mid-century frame the  Denmark  appears in a uniquely period correct poly/rayon blend.  So much of mid-century design has been watered down.  There are SO many mid-century “inspired” frames which thicken the arms and thicken the front.  But mid-century is all about stark proportions.  The arm is 3.5″ thick because they need to be 3.5″-or less- thick.  You widen them to 4.5″ and you’ve got a watered down version of the design.  The cone legs need to be 7″.  If you make them 6″ the frame sits too heavy.  It really isn’t rocket science– but it seems to me that everyone insists on fattening up mid-century modern frames.  Call it the La-Z-Boy effect.  But at COUCH we honor the classics, not water them down for mass consumption.

Pairing the sleekness of Italian modern design with the casualness of a machine washable linen slipcover, what you’re looking at here is a no holds barred piece with all the bells and whistles.  I’m 100% sure no other store in Seattle could make this sofa.

A downtown internet firm wanted a sharp looking piece for their lobby.  This stunner is the a prominent part of their lobby.  Commercial grade foam and fabric ensure that this piece will look good for years to come.

An iconic mid-century profile we’ve updated with a little extra foam and some chrome legs.  All the charm of the period without the stark rigor.

Over the past couple years COUCH has delivered mainly mid-century or transitional pieces, so I floored this piece to show just what are capabilities were in the realm of sleek modern design.  The workmanship on this thing is incredible, with the LONG seams as straight as the Italians do it.  Firm foam in the frame to keep the firm edges required of the design, soft foam in the seat for a sink in sit, and a grey microsuede so thick and reminiscent of actual suede you forget that it’s also bulletproof.  With the shiny chrome base wrapping all the way round the sofa for a little extra panache, there’s not much doubt COUCH can do modern.

After our brief reverie into sleek modern design, how about this Templeton chair in rich Italian leather to bring us back to the joys of transitional design.  Build quality really shows- and the finish on this one was perfect.

Top grain Italian leather in a “mint” color contrast beautifully with a dark wood base.  This piece was a true beauty in a very well played contemporary condo on Mercer Island.

Gracing a designer home in Medina, these angular slipcovered sofas were as inviting as they were sleek.  100% linen slipcovers and slick tailoring made for something truly special here.

I was very impressed with my customer on this one.  They took a fairly basic style, the pottery barn Seabury, and updated the legs, the configuration, and added some buttons.  The result was an instant winner.  Usually I advise customers to only change one or two little things about a design, but in this case adventurousness paid off– and David has a sofa unlike anything else.

Beautiful, traditional french style chairs in a beautiful house on Lake Washington.  Curvy and deep, the client said she could see long afternoons on them with a book overlooking the lake.  I’m jealous.

SERIOUSLY FANCY STUFF.  Featuring an exposed wood base that gently curves in at the head and foot board and diamond tufting this bed is a statement, without being over the top.  Straddling the line between transitional and Hollywood Regency design, this bed is just waiting to be someone’s haven.


Featuring slim track arms, impeccable tailoring, and a bumper ottoman (meaning there’s an attached ottoman that “bumps” up against the end of the sofa), this piece anchored a high-style room in Ravenna by bridging mid-century and transitional.  I enjoy clients like this.  They can afford the design center, but take a step back and realize that design center propaganda that a good sofa starts at $5k simply isn’t true.

In sofaland “transitional” refers to a piece that’s too contemporary to go in your grandmothers house but too pretty to be lumped in with the “modern” category.  This piece fits that description perfectly, as well as being simple, pretty, and comfortable.


at 135″x95″ this is the biggest piece I’ve ever delivered.  But what makes it special in my mind is the detailing.  From the arches in the back to the nailheads to the PERFECTLY proportioned english arm, it was a special piece.

SUCH a warm, simple, room.  Two DEEP feather filled sofas and a slipcovered armchair and ottoman.  There’s a design studio on 1st ave south that’s has the phrase “Great design need not scream at you” in big plastic letters above their storefront.  It’s so very true.

A softened and updated play on the wing chair that can work with a variety of different covers, and in a variety of different styles of decor.

A beautiful play on a mid-century classic, this one was  a cut above.  The exceedingly straight seams, world class metalwork, and blind tufting on each of the cushions are the kind of details that set custom furniture apart  from even the best mall store furniture.

A designer needed a custom piece for under a window in this GORGEOUS high end house in Madison Valley.  It had to be an above average size 98″ to go under a big waterfront window.  It had to have a spectacular fabric– in this case a $120 a yard cut velvet from Clarence House and it needed to have a solid hardwood frame, commercial grade foam, and an 8 way hand tied suspension.  There was literally no expense spared on this one-  and because of the fabric it ran over 3k.  but the design center would have charged about twice that– and they wouldn’t have given you better foam, straighter seams, harder wood, or nicer fabric.

Usually I try to show only one image of a piece but I was just so VERY proud of this one.  At 118″x118″ this huge sectional displays some impeccable tailoring with straight welts perfectly shaped cushions, and buttons aligning within a millimeter.  It looks like my factory makes this piece all day with patterns cut and imperfections worked out through multiple prototypes.  But nope, this is a one off– and there’s no doubt in my mind I’m the only store in Seattle with the chops to pull it off.  From the “COUCH” exclusive base you see to the difficult to source “contempo” fabric, a LOT of little tricks of the trade are on display on this one.


Andretti is  a COUCH original and part or our STUNNING new batch of floor models. Shown in a low pile chenille and with wide arms, gleaming chrome legs and low slung lines, he would look at home in any million dollar mansion.  The seat cushions are SUPER thin which contributes to the sleekness.  They’re so thin in fact that you would think this thing would sit horribly.  There’s a way to have thin seat cushions and a comfy seat though.  You put foam above the springs and below the seat cushions.  A little creativity and attention to detail goes a long way.


A traditional and grandly scaled roll arm sofa with a simple three back cushion over three seat cushion configuration.  Notice the character lines in the fabric caused by the luxurious featherblend used.  At 42″ deep it’s a lounger for sure but not so deep that sitting upright is impossible.  Our Watson model can be had anywhere  from 38″ for a relatively upright seat to a 48″ depth where seat depth approaches that of a twin bed and lounging on dvd night is the only thing to do.



This just might be the deepest sofa in Seattle.  at 55″ deep it’s deeper than a twin bed.  Shown in a PLUSH down blend and slip covered in hard wearing (and machine washable) white denim I don’t have words for this sofa.  It sits in my window and it’s fun watching the double-takes from the passers by.  I LOVE this sofa.  I’ll call her Ethel.  Just kidding, let’s call her Jillian- after one of the prettiest girls in the world.


This sofa makes me happy.  Shown in a purple mohair with a contrasting base in very lightly finished wood this COUCH original blends elements of mid-century as well as traditional design.  It’s shown in a very unique four back pillow over two seat cushion configuration, but also looks fantastmagorical in the more standard two over two.  I dub this the Drake.


Mixing mid-century lines with an Asian inspired base in a glossy espresso wood base, is a COUCH exclusive design.  Shown here in a textured poly weave,  it’s entirely too edgy for my mass market competitors to show, and at $1670, orders of magnitude cheaper than other sofas with this much panache.

A beautiful scoop arm sofa with a dramatic arch to the back!


It’s good to keep up with the trends.  But it’s also nice to stick to the basics.  A plush down seat, a soft cotton fabric in a quiet hue, a skirt.  This is Kristine from Issaquah’s bedroom reading chair.  Kristine from Issaquah knows how to roll.

“Fred” is a Couch original that can’t be had anywhere else.  Starting out with mid century lines, but updated with chrome legs and boldly colored velvet, it’s a $1,675 sofa that looks like it should cost more.  Lot’s more.


Shown with extensive nailhead trim and sporting a rich cream velvet our Jackson model is traditional and striking.  Notice how the accent cushions match the rug but have have piping in the same color as the couch to tie the two together.  With the scores of color choices  and custom flexibility available at COUCH, that level of design becomes possible, and at most of my competitors, even much bigger names, it just isn’t.

If there was one word for our Cassandra model, it would be stately.  It’s substantial, comfortable, and definitely makes a statement.  Best of all, even in the rich velvet you see here, it’s only $1,970.   That’s a full thousand dollars less than similar models found at Restoration and Mitchell.  Think about adding nailheads for added traditional appeal.

Why does no one make a mid-century sectional?  Crate and Barrel offers a great mid-century style called the Petrie, (which I replicate) but doesn’t offer a sectional.  Room and Board offers a very well made mid century style called the Andre but again no sectional offered.   Let’s do one more.  The Bantam from Design Within Reach doesn’t offer a sectional either. Luckily, here at Couch we offer several types of mid-century sectionals.paramountchrisfinished0182

Chris sent me an updated photo of the sectional after the room was done (or closer to it).  The mid-century lines of the piece work tremendously well with the iconic Noguchi Coffee table and the Flokati rug.  The light in the corner is the cherry on top.  Well done Chris.

The Desmond is a little retro, and a lot sophisticated.  It has square mid-century lines, but sits MUCH more comfortably than your dads Danish masterpiece.

The Easthaven is a couch with a capital “C”.   Fully slipcovered for easy cleaning and comforting to look at as well as sit in, Easthaven is heavy, substantial, and rather proud of it’s beastly 27 inch seating depth.  Feather blend seats and backs might quickly make this the place you log the most snoozles. Apologies to your bed.

Most of my pictures are decent representations of the product– but simply not so in this case.  If you think our Renato sectional looks good in this picture– expect it to look about twice as good in person.   I’ve literally had a couple of people who did the rounds downtown laugh when I tell them this Italian designed sectional in a HIGH end looking heathered microsuede is only $2600.  From the fabric to the hard edges of the construction, this piece is the epitome of modern design.

Almost everyone who comes in seems to say the same thing.  “This one’s so plain- it doesn’t really have any design to it.  Why’s it my favorite?”  Hence, I give you the “je ne sais quoi”.  It’s a condo sized couch (though all of our models can be condo sized)  shown in a highly textured fabric.  The seat is deep and the arms are low enough and padded enough to make them a PURRFECT place to lay your head down for an afternoon nap in the sun.


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